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    In January 1949, Ms. de Palma debuts on the italian radio - RAI - singing the very popular french song "La Vie En Rose" in french. For the first two years of her career, Jula will record only French songs.: she loves them and she feels very much at ease singing them, partially because she's fluent in French, a language she learned as a child from her mother, a professor of French and English.

    She takes part in many popular musical shows on the italian radio, with orchestras conducted by Luttazzi, Barzizza, Savina, Kramer, Trovajoli and other musicians. She doesn't find immediate popularity because of her refined vocal art and unusual repertoire for the times, but she quickly comes to be known as the modern singer 'par exellence', the one who, among the italian singers of the moment, will be considered the most admired internationally .

    Her knowledge of languages - she is fluent in five of them - her talent for different styles of light music and her international repertoire will quickly bring her success and recognition all over the world.

    The attractive and talented young singer appeals to the most refined of audiences, as well as to musicians and entertainers who see in her the one who will start modernizing the italian song and making the italian light music, through her eclectic interpretations, less old-fashioned while maintaining its passionate and melodic charm.

    During the early '50s Jula de Palma wins the Grand Prix du Disque in Paris with the song "Mon Pays" by C.A. Rossi, a popular and talented young musician; she is cast in successful radio programs like "Gran Varietá", "Nati per la musica" "Il Motivo in Maschera" (the first italian radio show introducing Mike Bongiorno); she is the first italian singer to appear on a live show on the newly born italian TV. She travels extensively in Europe and has her own show at the famous night clubs "Carrol's" and "Drap d'or", in Paris. She appears on the french TV with Gilbert Bécaud, Charles Aznavour, Line Renaud and Henry Salvador.

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