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    During that year, Carlo Lanzi, a young musician and hotelier from Rome, is introduced to her by mutual friends. Being one of her fans, he hopes that she will sing one of his songs. Jula likes the song - "Vecchio pino di Villa Borghese" - and makes a successful record of it. They are the same age and they become friends. After a few months the friendship turns to love. Carlo proposes and Jula says "yes". They get married in the beautiful church of Santa Francesca Romana, by the Roman Forum, on June 3rd 1957. Jula says goodbye to her beloved Milan and starts her married life in Rome.

    After a short honeymoon in Amalfi, Carlo and Jula leave on a long tour. Jula will have great success singing in night clubs and television shows in Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo, Caracas, Los Angeles and, introduced by Nat King Cole, at the renowned "Tropicana" in Habana, Cuba.

    Over the next few years Palma will collect the most prestigious music Prizes in her Country and cut many hit records.

    In 1959 her interpretation of the song "Tua"(Yours) at the Sanremo Festival has unparalleled success with audience and critics. The song finishes only fourth, but the picture of the singer is on many magazine covers and even on the first page of daily newspapers. As a matter of fact, the italian RAI finds the song too "provocative' and vetoes any broadcasting of it.

    The record sells furiously and the press has a ball. But Jula does not want her name to be mixed up in an unmerited scandal caused only by her personal and passionate interpretation of a love song. During a press conference she threatens to sue anybody who talks or writes of the incident again. Little by little the press gives up and the RAI cancelles its veto.
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