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    "Tua" will be the song that Palma will have to sing even twice every concert, everywhere she goes. And every year, for years to come, when it is time for the Sanremo Festival to start, journalists will remind people, with appreciative comments, of herů"scandalous" interpretation of "Tua"!

    At this point in her career Jula is no longer just a "jazz singer" to her italian audience; she sings and records some of the most beautiful neapolitan songs and during her concerts all over Europe she sings in Italian, Spanish, German, French and, of course, American with great success.

    In 1963 a long awaited and desired baby is born to Jula and Carlo Lanzi. Her name is Simonetta and she will be one of the reasons why the singer will voluntarily bring her career to a close ten years later.

    In March 1970, one of Palma's dearest dreams will come true. She'll be the first italian singer to have a "One woman show" at the Teatro Sistina in Rome, where all the great artists she loves have appeared, from Ella Fitzgerald to Oscar Peterson, to Juliette Greco, to Tony Bennett and so on.

    And she will sing accompanied by a big band conducted by the great musician Gianni Ferrio (whom she calls "Genius") with his own arrangements. The show will include a mixture of italian songs, jazz standards, bossa nova and french ballads. The Italian Television will tape and broadcast the show at a later date, naming it "Gala Evening for Jula de Palma".

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