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    The show is ready after only a month of preparation. The RCA (Jula is recording for them, now) will tape the whole concert live and will come out with an LP called "Jula al Sistina".

    The evening is memorable.

    "It will remain with me forever" Ms. de Palma tells the press after the show. "The flowers, the applause, the presence of so many celebrities, the wonderful orchestra and my dear Maestro Ferrio…it is all unforgettable!"

    The record of "Jula al Sistina" is a hit and RCA will follow with a second one called "Jula presenta". These LPs, together with the two "Jula in jazz" on the Columbia label and the delightful "Whisky and Dixie" (that Jula recorded with The New Orleans Jazz Band conducted by Carlo Loffredo for the Cetra label ) are now among the most precious and sought after collector's items on the Internet.

    In the following years Jula will tour with her show throughout Italy and will make frequent appearences on TV, her favourite medium.

    In 1974, celebrating the 25th anniversary of her career, Jula makes the decision to conclude it. She had promised herself in that faraway 1949, to leave the stage while at the top. She wants to follow her daughter's growing up with total commitment and devotion.;Sshe wants to be simply "Mrs.Lanzi", at last. But the only way to do this is…cold turkey. Carlo and Jula decide to leave Italy and go to live in London, where her only sister lives with her family.

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