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    It was a beautifully emotional appearance. The press, the audience, everybody gave her a wonderful welcome. And she sang a medley of her hits, live, like in the old days.

    Back to Toronto, Jula became "Mrs.Lanzi" again, with no regrets and lots of warm memories. Simonetta is now a lawyer and Jula's dream of being near her and following her life is a reality. Carlo and Jula travel a lot, visiting Carlo's sister and family in Oregon; driving around Canada for a never ending discovery of its natural beauty; taking cruises in different parts of the world; and going to Italy, every now and then, to meet again with their friends, to immerse themselves into the unrivalled beauty of this unique place in the world, and to revisit the sentimental memories of their youth. Palma was the only italian singer who was on the same level with the great american and french entertainers of her time, singing the same songs in the same languages, but never copying, always being an original. Her modernization of the italian song paved the way for a new generation of italian singers after her to be accepted internationally, and she is recognized by many for this achievement.

    She is happy and grateful for the spontaneous creation of a website about her by young and enthusiastic people and she says "When I punch in "Jula de Palma" and I see my name come up, thirty years after I stopped singing, on the most faraway websites of the world, I am still surprised." She shouldn't be, because Jula de Palma is still considered, today, a myth.

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